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Pureology Conditioner Helped On Long 45-Day Bicycle Ride

By Steve Garufi - April 14, 2008

In 2008, I rode my bicycle over a 45-day period from San Diego, California to Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was an amazing ride with highs and lows, and I have the joy of knowing I achieved one of my life dreams.

So what does this have to do with this web site? My long naturally curly hair took a beating!

I was well-aware my daily routine of diligently combing out my hair would be interupted from time to time. For me, the greatest challenge was mustering the mental energy and patience necessary to take the time to care for my hair - especially after being exhausted and hungry after an average 70-mile ride.

Oh and there was some drama too! My bike was stolen while locked outside a store in Phoenix, Arizona. Although I had all of my valuable positions on me during the theft, all of my supplies including my quality conditioner were gone!

I struggled with finding a decent conditioner that was small enough to put in a container to bring with me. I had saddlebags in the back of the bike, carrying extra clothing, food, tools, hygiene products, etc. I was meticulous in carrying the least amount of weight, and the last thing I needed was a large tub of conditioner that I would have at home. Long story made short, a hairdresser in El Dorado, Arkansas greatly helped with this dilemna.

Top Right: A fun picture of myself inside a hair salon in southern Arkansas on the 33rd day of my trip.
Bottom Left: The small 2.0 fluid ounce bottle of Pureology Hydrate Condition.

Pureology has a hydrating conditioner (Pureology Hydrate Condition) that gave my hair a very deep softness and made it much easier to comb through. I worked in an amount the size of a quarter (sometimes more, I don't mind "gooping" it in) in the shower, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and had a quick and light rinse. This really helped!

I generally will not be writing many articles promoting specific products and I am far from a hair care expert, but I do recommend this conditioner for those wanting a quality product that will do a good job keeping hair from becoming dry and brittle. Just sniffing the opening of the bottle is a sensation that declares long hair health.

Lastly, if you want to read more about my bike trip across the southern tier of America, you may check it out right here: My Bike Ride Across America. I found writing about my bike trip was nearly as difficult as accomplishing the trip itself!

Now that I am back in a my normal life routine in Colorado, it is "back to the basics" with my daily hair care disciplines. I will be seeing my hairdresser later this afternoon, and I do not want to disappoint her! ;)

- This article was written by Steve Garufi, a long hair enthusiast with long, black, naturally curly hair. His personal web site about his life in Colorado can be seen at www.ColoradoGuy.com.

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