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Juliette in South Africa

Long Hair

2010 - Juliette in South Africa submitted a long hair photo from the day of her B.Sc. graduation.

Lifetime Long Hair Lover

Jamie Leigh

2009 - JamieLeigh is an especially enthusiastic long hair lover and submitted the photo above taken in January 2009.

Long Hair Brunette


2008 - Ashley in Savannah, Georgia has always worn her hair really long and loves it.

Long, Straight and Brown


This web site is growing in traffic! Another long hair photo was submitted by Chasity in Georgia. What beautiful long brown hair!

Wedding Day - May 2007


The long hair of Kelley in Georgia during her brother's wedding in May 2007. She has since cut her hair, deeply regretting it, but has resolved to grow it long again.

Growing Red Hair

Red Hair

2007 - Kelly in Kansas, who is planning to grow her hair quite long, submitted this recent photo showing the length of her straight red hair.

Before And After Trim

Long Hair Trim

Christine submitted before and after photos after getting her beautiful straight hair trimmed.

Christine's Mom

Long Hair

The mother of Christine (left) had her picture taken of waist length hair that reaches her lower back.

Long Haired Mom Long Hair Mom

Lisa in Colorado shows off her naturally curly hair and the beautiful hair of her two daughters.

Long Dark Brown Hair

Long Brown Hair

Julie is Texas submitted this photo. She has not had her trimmed in any way for nine months.

Hair To Waistline Long Hair

Amy in Kansas submitted a recent photo of her wavy long hair reaching her waistline. Very nice!

Long Hair In Texas

Long Hair

Glenda in West Texas submitted the very first long hair picture to the cafe. She stated her hair "looked kind of wild" than it usually does!

Steve Long Hair

Steve in Colorado provided a photo of his hair wet taken during his visit to his hairdresser in August 2007. He has long, naturally curly hair that grows at a frustrating and slow pace.

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