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My Favorite "Long Hair" Movies

By Kelley Arnold - October 19, 2008

In no particular order, because I can never choose just one or two favorites. These are my top favorites. 10 of them. I am limiting it to that number but I'm sure I have more.

1. Pollyanna. The scene where Jane Wyman lets down her hair after arguing with the love of her life that until this point she had been to scared to love because that would mean losing control of her uptight self and surrender to him. Ahhh ... pride. The scene shows her in a moment of transformation. Not to mention, Hayley Mills' character's hairstyles are almost identical to the way I wore my hair until about sixth grade and chopped it off to my shoulders in a symbol of defiance and independence. I grew it back out to the middle of my back by eighth grade and kept it there until my senior year of college.

2. The Wedding Date. I love Debra Messing's hair. Red. Falls to the middle of her back in layers. It is styled in many different ways. Great inspiration for me as I'm growing out my shaggy layers.

3. My Fair Lady. The movie does show Audrey Hepburn's hair in a combination of early 20th century up-dos, but there is the "Rain in Spain" scene (love that song). Her hair is up in a large bow and her hair falls long on her shoulders. Also, the scene where she walks down the staircase, fully transformed into a lady. I love her dress in that scene, but more it's about the hair. Piled on top of her head with a crown of diamonds. What girl wouldn't want to emerge from a chrysalis like Hepburn's character to find herself a "fair lady"?

4. Last of the Mohicans. Enough with the girls, what about the guys? Daniel Day Lewis has never looked better. Long, wavy locks to just below his shoulders. He does a lot of running, jumping, fighting in this movie. His hair always looks great and adds to the feeling of action in this movie. (That may be a stretch, but, what long hair enthusiast wouldn't have Lewis in the top ten? C'mon!)

5. The Blue Lagoon. Brooke Shield's hair is classic, unfettered beauty. It still is. Her long hair is as much her signature as her eyebrows.

6. Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Amy Yasbeck's character's hair as Maid Marian is just amazing. No clue if it is real or extensions or what. But it is gorgeous. Taking care of long curly hair is not an easy task. Plus, it's a Mel Brooks film. Love his work.

7. Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts. So glad she ditched the short blonde wig.

8. Live and Let Die. (A James Bond 007 movie). Jane Seymour's head of hair is the best in the business. So glad she didn't succumb to a trend in maturing women to cut it just for the sake of cutting it for propriety's sake. Glad that trend/ideal is changing.

9. GI Jane. This may be the antithesis of the reasons on the rest of this list, but I love the scene where Demi Moore shaves her head to fit into the boy's club. It's sad, because she did/does have beautiful long raven hair, but how perfect is that scene? That scene helped sell that movie. I bet people went to go see that movie just because of that scene in the previews/reviews. I know I did.

10. Encino Man. Brendan Fraser's 'do goes from pre-historic mess to contemporary hotness. (That is now a word, use it.) It was great in George of the Jungle and Airheads too. Plus, in this movie you get Pauly Shore and his kinky curled hair and humor. It's a fun movie.

So, those are 10. I have thought of two more. Holiday, love Kate Winslet's hair in that movie. Also, Georgia Rule. Each of the main cast members have long to longish hair. Ok. So that's really, 12. What are yours?

- Submitted by Kelley M. Arnold, a freelance writer who's thinking about taking hair and nail supplements to grow her hair out to the middle of her back again.

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