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Steve's Visits With His Hairdresser

By Steve Garufi (March 21, 2010)

Steve with jet black and long naturally curly hair, has a renewed interest in growing his naturally curly hair as long as possible. He is visiting his hairdresser every month and is creatively snapping a photo each time ... View Photos

Long Hair Cafe Photo Gallery

Long Hair

Many of our forum participants submitted photos of their long hair. It is an encouraging and inspiring long hair photo gallery ... View Photos

The Top Ten Long Hair Movies

By Kelley Arnold

Kelley lists and expounds on her top ten list of the very best "long hair movies." Did Pollyanna make the list? How about Pretty Woman? Beautiful long hair among actors and actresses can turn a film into a memorable classic ... Read More

Pureology Conditioner Helped On Bike Journey

By Steve Garufi

Earlier in 2008, I rode my bicycle over a 45-day period from California to Georgia, coast to coast. It was an amazing ride with all sorts of highs and lows, but what does this have to do with the Long Hair Cafe? My long naturally curly hair took a beating! Pureology's Hydrate Condition in the small two fluid ounce bottle ... Read More

Monoi Oil: The Polynesian Secret To Beautiful Hair

By Jennifer Bahney, LongHairLovers.com

Tahitian Monoi Oil has been used by Polynesian women for more than 2,000 years as a beauty remedy for hair and skin. The name Monoi (pronounced mah-noy), means "sweet scented oil" in Mahoi, the traditional language of the French Polynesians. Tahitian Monoi Oil is a blend of highly refined Nucifera coconut oil and ... Read More

Ban the Brush: Use a Comb That Won't Break Hair

By Jennifer Bahney, LongHairLovers.com

We've all heard the recommendation: "If you want healthy growing hair, be sure to brush 100 strokes a day." But quite the opposite is true; the less your brush your hair, the better - especially if your hair is already damaged from chemicals or the environment. Your best bet is to trade in your brush for a comb that won't break hair ... Read More

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