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Steve Garufi's Photos At The Hair Salon (Updated March 2010)

In late 2009, I made a decision to get serious about growing my hair long. I have long, naturally curly hair, a blessing or a curse, depending on your opinions about hair care regimens, whether it looks long and plain ol' attractiveness.

Thankfully, I have a new hairdresser as seen in the photos below. Amber is 15 years younger than me, but her knowledge about caring for hair with my kind of tight curls is expansive. Since October, I have put all of my faith in Amber and she has not let me down! I have been seeing Amber once per month for her to inspect my ends and make sure I am following through with all important hair care disciplines.

Honestly, her best advice was her insistence that I refrain from all use of elastic pony tails, which I did not realize damaged my hair so much. Wearing my hair down has reaped so many direct and indirect benefits with work, relationships and simply feeling better about myself.

April 2010

Steve's Hairdresser

Amber notices more growth since my last visit. My bangs have grown the longest since I began seeing her last year.

March 2010

Steve's Hairdresser

My hairline is receeding in the corners. I'm 38-years-old and time is not on my side. Now is the time to grow my hair long!

February 2010


Hopefully I will have hair halfway down my back. Someday.

January 2010

Steve's Hairdresser

Special thanks to Amber for allowing me to capture a photo of us during each visit in 2010. This was the very first photo I snapped in January. Notice how much longer my hair looks when it is wet and straight!

Recent Photo Of My Long Naturally Curly Hair (March 2010)

Steve Garufi

Above is what my hair looks like when it's "normal." It is extremely curly! I can vouch that my hair definitely looks longer and thicker compared to previous months. Wish me the best in future months!

Behind me is Mt. Princeton, a towering mountain west of my town. I have an ongoing photo journal in which I take a picture of this mountain on a daily basis: www.MtPrinceton.org.

These photos and commentary were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Twitter page: @SteveGarufi

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